Friday, March 20, 2009

The internet and Plato

The Plato Society is 29 years old. The internet browser is generally accepted to be 15 years old and it's impact on the concept of the Plato study discussion group is still being measured.
As a 4 year member of Plato, I can sense the shift in attiude and methodology from 'don't trust wikipedia' and 'do your research at the library' to a "drill down" search within google scholar with bottomless text, pictorial and audio results. The emerging discipline is how to confirm , edit and compose the information into an acurate, meaningful yet succinct statement.
Shall we use powerpoint presentations, movie clips, audio recordings, email preview information? Or shall we arrive at the table prepared to present and defend a point of view.
How do we effectively use the media tools available to enhance our group experience? I look forward to your comments.