Monday, June 1, 2009


The main attraction of The PLATO Society is its slate of courses. We have come to expect stimulating topics on a variety of subjects – and we are rarely disappointed.
You may ask, where and how do these wonderful courses originate?
The answer is: They are created by our brilliant membership. That means YOU.

Please share with us the burning idea or the fantastic book you have just read.
1. Ask yourself if that idea or book potentially could be turned into a 7 or 14 week S/DG
2. If you think that is a possibility, send a quick e-mail to or put a post on our PLATO blog describing your idea in as much detail as you feel is necessary.

Kudos to Bill Clarkson for being the first to post a great S/DG idea (May 29, 2009)!

Friday, May 29, 2009

SDG Proposal

Proposal fo an SDG; The Singularity is Near; When Humans Transcend Biology. This SDG would be a study of the book and related phenomena that are changing the way we think and live at an accelerating rate.
Based on the book by Ray Kurzweil I would be interested on coordinating or co-coordinating this SDG

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sixth Sense device

I wanted to pass along this TED talk on the development of a new device which may be available to Plato members in a few years.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A post about posting

We look forward to your posts. A couple of hints;
When posting please use the new post button in the upper right coner of the page.
Title your post. blogspot does not have a spell check tool. If you are iffy about spelling as I am, you can compose your message in microsoft word, run a spell check, and copy and paste into the blog compose form.
When responding to a particular post, please use the comment button at the end of the post.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The internet and Plato

The Plato Society is 29 years old. The internet browser is generally accepted to be 15 years old and it's impact on the concept of the Plato study discussion group is still being measured.
As a 4 year member of Plato, I can sense the shift in attiude and methodology from 'don't trust wikipedia' and 'do your research at the library' to a "drill down" search within google scholar with bottomless text, pictorial and audio results. The emerging discipline is how to confirm , edit and compose the information into an acurate, meaningful yet succinct statement.
Shall we use powerpoint presentations, movie clips, audio recordings, email preview information? Or shall we arrive at the table prepared to present and defend a point of view.
How do we effectively use the media tools available to enhance our group experience? I look forward to your comments.